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Chakra Dance Party

Chakra Dance party

Have you ever been in love?

Well, you’re in luck!


Absolutely non-serious spirituality - a spiritual disco.

Chakra Dance Party - balance your chakras while dancing

It’s a wonderful journey of self exploration through movement and sound where you will experience a fusion of ancient sacred sounds and modern dance beats. Chakra dancing is about having fun and releasing the stresses of modern day living. Apart from the physical benefits gained by dancing vigorously for hours, Chakra dancing is said to increase your awareness of the connection between mind, body and soul. We will experience all the energies of our Chakras when we dance, grounding (first Chakra), expression / release (second Chakra), self determination (third Chakra), celebration / love (fourth Chakra), communication (fifth Chakra) and sublime experience (sixth - seventh Chakra). Through this spontaneous dance all the Chakras will be balanced.

Guided by music, mantras and singing resonated to each of the seven Chakras you will be taken on a dynamic dance journey through your own energy centres. As you dance to the frequency of each Chakra different issues are experienced and energized.

Chakra Dance Party

Music and the Chakras

Music plays a major role in stimulating the Chakra energies as the vibrations of the musical scale are tuned to the human energy system. In Chakra dance matching the music to the various Chakras is absolutely essential. Each Chakra vibrates to a specific frequency which corresponds to a specific colour vibration. The base Chakra which grounds us responds to primal sounds and very low tones. On the opposite to the base Chakra high tones connect with the crown Chakra, the Chakra associated with spirituality.

How do I dance in a Chakra Dance Party?

There is no right way to Chakra dance as everyone has their own rhythm and movement. By surrendering to the music and dancing from the inside out, we are able to free our natural energy flows and feel more fully alive. It is about using your own style of dancing to express the music and focus on the way each Chakra makes you feel. Everyone dances with little awareness of anyone else. It’s not about performance or looking good but rather putting aside our self – consciousness and being encouraged to experiment. Use your whole body to simultaneously ground, strengthen, release and flow.

Chakra dancing is a kind of vibration medicine. Dance is fun! It is natural to us; we hear a beat and want to move. It makes us feel good, whole, expressive and connected. Dancing gives us a natural high, endorphins are released which act as a natural ecstasy. Ecstasy is an egoless state of no mind. It triggers a pleasure response which keeps us wanting more! The result is a natural high.

Dancing through the Chakras - Mooladhar Chakra

We will start our dance with the root Chakra situated between the perennial which helps to keep us grounded. This Chakra has much tribal power; it controls the survival instinct, feelings of security and belonging to a group or group identity. Be aware of its dynamic red energy as we use our feet to dance a very tribal and physical dance that will ground us to the floor of the earth. Be bold and expressive and let the beat of the drums stir the passion of the wild animal within us.

Swadhishthan Chakra

The dance moves up to the Sacral Chakra situated in our pelvic area. The color is orange and the dance is sexual and sensual. As the life force begins to move and pulse through your body allow your imagination to be creative. Lose all those inhibitions and give into your desires and feel the sexual sensual energy flow through your pelvis. Hear the flowing sound of water which is this Chakras element. Let your inner divinity tap into the sensual rhythm.

Manipoor Chakra

Then our dance shifts up to the solar plexus above the navel where our dance becomes dynamic and powerful. Be surrounded by the fire element and feel the heat of the brilliant yellow sun energy. Allow the sounds and vibrations from the saxophone, flute and shell horn awaken your passionate consciousness. Lets awaken like we’ve never be awakened before!

Anahat Chakra

Now our dance becomes gentle and loving as we move up into the heart Chakra in the centre of the heart. Emerge yourself into this pond of love and soak in the green healing energy that flows out of our heart centre. Let yourself be consumed with love and compassion for yourself and your fellow dancers feel how infectious this cosmic love feels. Close your eyes and hear the romantic gentle sounds of the flute and string instruments. Come on be a great lover tonight!

Chakra Dance Party

Vishuddhi Chakra

As we bring our awareness into the centre of the throat, the throat Chakra, we connect our movement and dance to the dance of the soul. Through the throat Chakra the soul communicates and creates. We dance our dance of creativity surrounded by a bright blue light while hearing the sound of our throat chanting and singing. Forget your surroundings and get carried away with expressing yourself, sing and chant as loud as you want, give your throat a real workout, let’s raise the roof!

Aagya Chakra

Our dance becomes quiet and subtle as we move into the third eye Chakra situated between the eyebrows. Our third eye dance is surrounded by a silver light. We will sit together in meditation in this Chakra. Listen to ancient Mantras and meditate with the divine powers of wisdom as you start to feel clarity of mind and self. Be conscious of the present moment, don’t let your mind roam somewhere else!

Sahastrasar Chakra

Then our meditation moves to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head and we lie down to complete the cycle of meditative dance. We shroud ourselves in the color purple. Here we know ourselves to be divine beings, connected with all of the other divine beings of the universe. Feel the devotional, inspirational and mystical energies as we offer this dance and meditation as a prayer to the divine. Seek an intimate connection with the divine.


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